Myths Regarding Juvenile Sex Offenders, Offenses, and Victims

Many of the myths associated with adult sex offenders apply to juvenile sex offenders. For example, the myth that once a sex offender, always a sex offender has been applied to juveniles. There are additional myths for juvenile sex offenders, such as they always grow into adult sex offenders, they are not treatable, they abuse because they have been sexually abused themselves, and they are all pedophiles (Fagundes, 2014). The research does not support these myths. This research is discussed in Chapter 6.

Myths Regarding Female Sex Offenders, Offenses, and Victims

It is often assumed that all sex offenders are male (Office of the Attorney General, 2001). Although female offenders comprise a small percentage of sex offenders, their numbers are large enough to warrant concern. Although the schoolteacher who molests a male student has been covered at length in the media, Chapter 7 shows this is only one type of female sex offender. Chapter 7 reveals the diverse range of female sex offenders that have been identified in the research. Also, victims of female sex offenders can be either male or female and of any age.

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