Power Reassurance Rapist (also known as the Gentleman Rapist)

This offender can be complimentary to the victim in an attempt to sexually satisfy her. The style of attack is often premeditated and preceded by a fantasy that the victim sexually desires him (he may instruct the victim to state so during the attack). After the attack, these offenders may give victims information about themselves, such as their cell phone number or email address, in order to arrange for another "consensual" sexual encounter. Limited force or threats are utilized, and weapons are employed usually only as a means of intimidation and are seldom used for injury. This offender usually spends a short amount of time with his victim, as he lacks the social skills to interact with his victim for a long period. However, offenders may engage in "pillow talk" with "compliant" victims after the assault in the hope that a friendship develops. The offender may also have the victim undress herself, and he may have the victim undress him to fuel the fantasy of a consensual sexual relationship. This offender is often described as having low self-esteem, underachieving, employed in menial work, passive, non-athletic, and living a solitary lifestyle. Prior arrests, if any, may include minor sex offenses, such as indecent exposure or peeping.

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