Pervasively Angry Rapists (Type 3)

These offenders represent a category of their own (i.e., no sub-categories) and are characterized by impulsive behaviors, low social competence, and longstanding aggression and hostility toward men and women. There is no history of antisocial behavior. Rapes are primarily driven by anger, and rapists are likely to use excessive force and gratuitous violence, often causing significant bodily or even lethal harm to the victims.

Sexual Gratification Rapists (Types 4, 5, 6, and 7)

This category is comprised of men who have extensive sexual perversions, many of which are incorporated into the rapes. If rapists in this category have sadistic tendencies (e.g., sexual pleasure from aggressive sex acts), they are further categorized into one of two types based on the extent to which they actually display those tenden- cies—overt sadists (Type 4) or muted sadists (Type 5). Type 4 rapists are characterized by high levels of aggression and gratuitous violence, whereas Type 5 offenders are less violent and their crimes tend to be more symbolic than injurious. Non-sadistic rapists in this category are further differentiated according to their level of social competency—non-sadistic high (Type 6) and non-sadistic low (Type 7).

Vindictive Rapists (Types 8 and 9)

Unlike Type 3 rapists, anger among men in this category is not directed at people in general. Rather, vindictive rapists' anger is aimed primarily towards women (i.e., hostile masculinity). Their rapes are characterized by humiliating, degrading, and physically harmful behavior. This runs the gamut from verbal abuse to brutal murder. Vindictive rapists differ from Type 4 and Type 5 rapists in that their aggression is usually not eroticized, and they generally do not have preoccupations with sadistic fantasies. They also differ from Type 3 rapists in that they demonstrate relatively low levels of impulsivity. Men in this group can be further subdivided based on either low (Type 8) or moderate (Type 9) social competence.

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