Define the Proposal Evaluation Criteria

There are a number of different criteria on which technical proposals can be reviewed and rated. Some sponsoring organizations develop elaborate schema for the process, including several different dimensions, each broken down into a number of levels, with a narrative description provided for each level. Other agencies list several broad categories and raters use these to rate proposals on these broad categories. There is no one best way to do this review.

Some of these categories that could be used for rating include:

  • • Responsiveness of Technical Proposal to the RFP Requirements
  • • Management Staff Quality and Experience
  • • Staff Quality and Experience
  • • Organization Quality
  • • Prior Experience With Comparable Projects
  • • Organization Capacity
  • • Costs (to be rated after cost proposals are opened)
  • • Other

The RFP should indicate the categories to be used to rate proposals, and the number of points associated with each category This information will help bidders to determine where to place the emphases in their proposals.

Reviewers should receive the same rating materials and rating instructions. Typically, individual ratings are considered preliminary and may change after group discussion about the proposals has occurred. Ratings may also change after demonstrations or interviews.

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