Interrogating the Social: A Critical Sociology for the 21st Century

An Invitation to Critical SociologyWhat Is Critical Sociology Today?On Conceptual Oppositions and TensionsArtistic Versus ScientificIdiographic Versus NomotheticNormative Versus AnalyticalHermeneutical Versus StructuralistOutlining Foundational PrinciplesCritical Sociology's Three ThemesNotesBibliographyI Rethinking SocietyPolitical Friendship and the Social BondPolitical Friendship and the StrangerFriendship, Strangership, and the SocialStrangers and InequalityConclusionBibliographyInteraction, Indifference, Injustice: Elements of a Normative Theory of Urban SolidarityDifferentiation and IndifferenceConceptual ContributionsRethinking Recognition: Sociology at the Limits of Political PhilosophyMicro-Foundations: Anonymity, Mutual Indifference, and the Urban Interaction OrderAsymmetrical Recognition: From Mutual to Non-mutual IndifferenceSoft Solidarity and Minimal Mutual RecognitionConclusionNotesBibliographyTowards a Sociological Account of Political Agon: (Re)considering the Social Dimensions of Agonal DemocracyIntroduction: Antagonistic and Agonal Accounts of DemocracyContingent OntologiesA 'Purely Political' Account of Agonal DemocracyRethinking the Social: The Value of Classical PerspectivesBetween Gemeinschaft and GesellschaftOn Conflict, Strangers, and StrangershipSociation and Political Agon—An Alternative ViewConclusionNotesBibliographyII Configuring Power The Business Cycle and Capitalist Social Regulation: The Origins of Economic GovernmentPerformativity and CritiqueRepresenting Economic FluctuationsThe Life of the Working Population in the Age of DepressionsBusiness Cycles and Liberal MoralityConclusionNotesBibliographyCivil Society Reconfigured: Manag(erializ)ing AIDS in UgandaAIDS in Uganda: An OverviewManaging AIDS: The Rise of 'Good Governance' and New Governance StrategiesGlobal AIDS Governance: Strategies, Implications, and ChallengesConclusionNotesBibliographyA Critical Sociology of International Expertise: The Case of International Democracy AssistanceWhat Is Democracy Assistance?Democracy Assistance in a Global Field of PowerExpert Knowledge, Building Democratic Institutions, and "Capacity"Process and Outcome in Democracy EvaluationsConclusionNotesBibliographyIII Practicing Culture The Fun and Games of Creative Citizenship: Urban Cultural Policy and Participatory Public ArtIntroduction: The City-as-PlaygroundUrban Avant-Gardes, Sociology, and Aesthetics at PlaySurrealism and the Sociology of PlayPlay Aesthetics and Ethics: SI and HuizingaThe Creative City, Social Cohesion, and Urban Community BuildingContemporary Art's Urban InterventionsSpontaneous interventionsSubversive playAlternative playConclusion: The Fun and Game of Creative CitizenshipNotesBibliographyBody Worlds and the Social Life of the Plastinated Body: Considerations on the Biotechnology of PlastinationThe Social Life of PlastinatesPlastination as Biotechnological Immortality and EnhancementConclusionNotesBibliographyFaith in Progress: Evolutionism and the New AtheismReligion, Science, and the SacredThe New Atheism: Evolutionism as CosmizationConclusionNotesBibliography
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