Fiber extraction from composites

Reinforcing fibers were separated from composites by Soxhlet extraction and using decalin as solvent. Small pieces of composites were cut and placed inside a cellulose filter and set into the Soxhlet equipment. Once the fibers were extracted, they were rinsed with acetone and then with distilled water in order to remove the solvent residue. Finally the fibers were dried in an oven at 105°C for 24 hours.

Determination of the fiber length and diameter

The fiber’s length distribution and the diameter of the extracted stone ground wood fibers were characterized by means of a Morfi analyzer. A diluted aqueous suspension (1 wt% consistency) of fibers was analyzed for 2—5 min, and the length of the

Research process flowchart

Figure 5.1 Research process flowchart.

fibers was evaluated considering an amount of individual fibers in the range of 2500—3000 units. A minimum of two samples were analyzed.

Fig. 5.1 shows a flowchart of the whole process used to prepare and test the composite materials.

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