Managing the People Risks to Organizations

The word ‘organization’ causes many people to first think of the tools that help them to function—the rules, the policies, and the bureaucracy. No organization can function effectively without these things. However, organizations, at their very core, are simply about people. People are the fuel and the glue of organizations. People are what make organizations successful and they are the means through which they are able to accomplish their goals and objectives. There are many businesses that are profitable because of the cleverness of the human asset. The people in virtually all businesses are the key to success, even in those businesses in which one may think the technical innovation or the secret formula is what makes it all happen.

Though people are the key to an organization’s success and its most important asset, they can also be a liability. In short, business leaders need to know that the people asset can help and hurt the bottom line, reputation, and standing of the enterprise. While the risks to an organization can come from several different sources, more often than not they have a substantial people component. Granted, the threats and risks may come from people outside the organization who are intent on doing it harm in © The Author(s) 2017

L. Wright, People, Risk, and Security,

DOI 10.1057/978-1-349-95093-5_4

various ways. Unfortunately, as we will see, these threats and risks may also come from people inside the organization.

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