E-government - towards a paperless public administration

The Plan was approved by the Spanish government in a context affected by the impact of the economic and financial crisis. The challenges of facilitating economic growth and improving long-term employment and competitiveness contributed to an increased focus on ICTs (OECD, 2010d).

The Plan aims to revitalise the economy by contributing to an economic paradigm shift based on the idea of a virtuous circle of productivity and improved public and the private sector ICT capabilities (OECD, 2010d). In respect of e-government, the hoped-for outcomes are, in particular, an increase in quality and user satisfaction (benefiting both citizens and businesses). Cost reductions through reductions of inefficiencies, better procurement prices, and the elimination of duplicated investments are also targets. Although the digital economy shows some signs of recovery, the ICT share of the value added in the business sector and the contribution of ICT-related employment in the Spanish economy are still below the EU average (OECD, 2010a; OECD, 2011b).

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