The current administration has taken important steps forward

The open government principles of transparency, accountability and citizen participation are enshrined in the Statute of the governing Partido Action Ciudadana. Article 8 of the Statute defines that “in the internal functioning of the organisation and the public acts of its officials and representatives, the Party commits itself to the effective application of the principles of transparency and timely accountability to the citizens as effective means to ensure the ethical exercising of public service” (PAC, n.d.). The Statute moreover devotes an entire article to citizen participation. Article 10 lays down that: “The Party will defend the institutions of the Republic, which are based on the principles of democratic representation, and foster new forms of democratic participation through the strengthening of communal and municipal powers. It will promote mechanisms for civil society so that, in accordance with the law, new areas are created to provide direct support by the citizens who monitor the work of the government, the institutions and the civil servants, in order to work towards a more efficient use of national and local resources” (ibid.).

In line with these political priorities and recognising the transversal nature of open government policies, the current administration transferred the responsibility for the country’s open government agenda to the CoG, namely to the Deputy Ministry for Citizen Dialogue of the Presidency of the Republic, in 2014. Moreover, in order to ensure proper horizontal coordination across government and with civil society, it created the National Open Government Commission (Comision National de Gobierno Abierto, CNGA) by decree N° 38994-MP-PLAN-MICITT in 2015. Since its creation, the CNGA has elaborated an innovative Open Government National Strategy and Enlaces Institucionales 4 or open government contact points, were created in many public institutions.

This section discusses the important achievements that the Costa Rican CoG has made in advancing the administration’s ambitious open government agenda in the past two years and identities further opportunities to strengthen the leadership and co-ordination functions of the CoG in order to improve the overall impact of its open government and open state agenda.

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