The Changing Maritime Scene in Asia: Rising Tensions and Future Strategic Stability

The Maritime Balance in Asia in the Asia CenturyA century agoThe trends continueImplications in AsiaEvident consequencesImportant limitationsStrategic conceptsLonger-term strategic implicationsNotesThe ‘Rebalance’ and the Dangers of America’s Creeping Containment of ChinaThe contours of the rebalanceAmerica’s post-Cold War ‘creeping containment’ of ChinaContainment during the Cold WarReconceiving containment 2.0 in AsiaNotesMaritime Asia: A Chinese PerspectiveVulnerabilitiesChina’s attitude towards the blockadeScenariosConclusionNotesMaritime Asia: An Indian PerspectiveReconnecting to Southeast AsiaThe construction of the Indo-PacificMaritime security cooperationNotesMaritime Asia: A Southeast Asian PerspectiveSoutheast Asia’s maritime security complexUNCLOS as a binding regimeLinkages and connectionsLikely triggersConclusionsNoteMaritime Asia: A Japanese PerspectiveSino-Japanese relations through a lens of rivalry: historical perspectivesChina as a mentor of JapanPsychological confusion in Japan after the end of World War IIResponding to China’s A2/AD strategyChina’s First and Second Island Chains and the value of the East China SeaThe East China Sea and Japan’s Western IslandConclusionMaritime Asia: An Australian PerspectiveAustralia’s geo-strategic environmentGovernment policy papersDefence White PaperAustralia in the Asian CenturyNational Security StrategyAustralia’s regional military engagementIs China a threat to Australia?Opposing viewsThe Australian government positionLast thoughtsNotesMaritime Asia: A South Korean PerspectiveThe chronic pathological condition of regional maritime securityEver-rising tension between the two great powersFrom bad to worse: some ominous regional developmentsEssential contribution of middle powers to regional maritime securitySouth Korea as an effective maritime middle power: capacity, interests and rolesHow can South Korea help maintain regional maritime good order and stability?ConclusionsNotesMaritime Asia: A Taiwanese PerspectiveTaiwan and its maritime interestsTaiwan’s response to developments in the ESCSResponse and actions taken in the ECSResponse and actions taken in the SCSChallenges ahead for Taiwan in pursuing its maritime interestsNotes
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