We have, between the three of us, worked in about 20 locations. In a consulting role, we have advised at least 30 locations around the world. Each site had its own way of doing things. So that readers can appreciate the different pressures the locations faced, we have provided an overview in Chapter 2. Because there may be more than one chapter about a given location, some of the common information is described in this chapter. Hopefully, this will avoid needless repetition, but it does mean that before reading a chapter, readers may have to go back to Chapter 2 to get the overview.

Where relevant, we have given some information about the cultural and social climate that prevailed in that location. So that the events described are placed in context, we have provided additional background material at the beginning of each chapter.

Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations

Please refer to these if certain words or acronyms are not clear.


I had the pleasure of meeting Charles Latino in Chicago at the Maintenance and Reliability Technology Summit in 2005. Charles is a well-known reliability and maintenance guru, and I was thrilled to listen to his brilliant lecture. I knew his son Bob Latino through a web site forum in which we both participate, and from his excellent book Root Cause Analysisii. Hearing Charles' talk spawned the idea for this book. I consider it a great honor that he has written the foreword.

A former fellow student and friend from my University days, Satish Shirke, agreed to do the illustrations for the book. Satish lives in California, but we managed the trans-Atlantic communications quite well. He did a great job, but because of his workload, he could not continue. I was in a spot, desperately seeking a good illustrator to replace Satish. When Steven van Els, based in Suriname in South America, offered to help, I was delighted. I 'met' Steven on the reliability.com web site and have a great deal of respect for his knowledge and experience. Steven has done an absolutely superb job, converting our crude sketches and charts into excellent figures or tables. He also added value by creating drawings to illustrate the text at his own initiative. As a real world practicing maintenance manager, his comments on the chapters were invaluable. My friend Narmada Guruswamy helped design the cover pages separating the six main parts of the book.

The International Labour Office in Geneva gave us permission to use two tables and three charts from an excellent reference book entitled Introduction to Work Studyiii published by them. Mr. Peter Morgon of Lithgow & Associates and MPI Publications, publishers of Fitz's Atlasiv, very kindly agreed to our reproducing graphical coating breakdown standards from their book.

Earlier I have had the pleasure of working with the team from Industrial Press Inc., the publishers of this book. Janet Romano designed the cover and provided much needed support with the publication and printing, and Suzanne Remore kept us on our toes in meeting schedules. Patrick Hansard is a pleasure to work with and a great person to handle sales and marketing. I have known John Carleo, the Director of Publications, for over three years. He has been a friend, philosopher and guide, and an enthusiastic supporter. In practical terms, this meant fast responses to my queries and requests, and guidance in all aspects of publication.

Christine Wardhaugh, Madhu Das, and my wife Lata have been ever so patient and tolerant with the three of us. Both Christine and Madhu accused me of being a slave driver. Lata came to my support, saying I was both a slave and a slave driver!

Mahen, Jim, and I are grateful to all of these wonderful people.


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