The Locations

Author: V. Narayan

We, the three authors—Jim Wardhaugh, Mahen Das, and Vee Narayan—have worked in a number of locations around the world. In this chapter, we will describe each location briefly so that you have an overview of the sites and get an idea of the facilities and prevailing culture. In the chapters that follow, we will refer to these locations by their reference number. Please see the relevant section here before proceeding to the chapter you wish to read.

Locations in the Middle East and South Asia

Facility: Pharmaceutical Plant

This small company made a range of over-the-counter drugs. The main products were throat lozenges, pain-relief balms, and tablets for relief from colds and headaches. They also produced menthol crystals from oil extracted from the menthol plant.

The facilities included ointment blending vessels, tablet forming, coating and packaging machines, bottling machines, packaging lines, and a refrigeration plant. The research and development facilities were located at the factory site; this group was also responsible for product quality management.

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