Location in Australasia

Facility: Medium-Sized Semi-Complex Petroleum Refinery

At the time of these events, this medium-sized, semi-complex refinery was owned as a joint venture by five partners who used it to process crude oil owned by them—either from their own fields or bought in the spot market.

The refinery was located in a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment. People there were very proud of this, and the quality of life it offered. Right from the time it was conceived, there was a strong lobby against its very existence due to the inherent potential threat to the pristine environment. In spite of the fact that it was always operated to the highest environmental standards in the world at that time, it was an eye sore in the perception of the local people.

Locations in Central and South America

Facility: Small Petroleum Refinery

This was a small and simple (hydro-skimming) refinery, containing plants for primary distillation, platinum reforming, and hydro-treating of naphtha, kerosene, and gas-oil. The refinery was wholly owned by a major multi-national oil company. It was one of the few technologically advanced industries in the country. For this reason and because it was also among the top quar- tile payers, it was one of the most sought after places of work. It attracted the best of the local people as employees who proved to be very loyal and were always willing to give their best to the company.

They had a very progressive management team, always on the look-out for improvements and trying to bring the best out of their individual staff. The staff responded enthusiastically to all the challenges put forth by their management.

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