Improvement Process

I decided to use a top-down and bottom-up approach simultaneously. I would explain a principle to the management team, convince them of its benefit, get their commitment to it, and then do the same in my own line. I went through this process applying five principles. Throughout this campaign, I used my daily walk-about in the process units and workshops talking to the people I met. I conducted several shop-floor meetings to explain the five principles.

Using an open door policy facilitated one-on-one debates on relevant topics with anyone who chose to come. This established credibility with staff and helped build a strong case for change. In a period of ten weeks, I explained these principles and obtained the support of relevant personnel and the management team. Cynics were silenced by peer pressure.

The refinery was now ready to try out the new paradigm on day-to-day maintenance, as well as the approaching shutdown, now about three months away.

The Five Principles

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