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A short course of lectures
«Bitcoin for the befuddled»

The Private KeyTheoretical Hash Rate LimitsWhy Use JavaScript?Other Common (and Not So Common) Bitcoin Wallet FeaturesReversible TransactionsThe Bitcoin AddressDeclarations at the Top of the ProgramWriting Your First Bitcoin Program in JavaScriptStep 2: Transferring US Dollars to Your Exchange AccountCan Bitcoin Be Supplanted by Another Cryptocurrency?Why Not Just Mine Bitcoins?Some Upbeat Notes on Bitcoin Security: Initializing the Connection with Bitcoin CoreBitcoin's First Four YearsWhat Will a Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030?This Is It Called a Digital Signature?Offline Transaction SigningVerifying the Validity of the Transaction HistorySpecial Mention: The Bitcoin Hardware WalletProof-of-Work in Bitcoin MiningDistributing New Currency with MiningThe Blockchain LotteryBITCOIN MININGThe Hassle of Converting Dollars (or Other Currencies) into BitcoinsSpeediness of initial installation and network synchronizationAuthorizing Transactions with Digital SignaturesBitcoin Mining in 2030Security of confirmed paymentsWhy Bitcoin Now?The BlockchainHow Does Bitcoin Mining Work?Speed of new paymentsPersonal Hot WalletStoring Your Private Key(s)Listening for New MoneyPooled MiningMarket OrdersA Brief History of Digital CurrenciesA Face-to-Face Bitcoin Purchase Without EscrowRandom Key Generation vs. Deterministic Key Generation (vs. Single Key Generation)Hot Storage vs. Cold StorageBitcoin and the Dangers of DeflationFull vs. Simplified Payment VerificationRunning bye-bye-moneyBuying Bitcoins the Easy WayEncrypted Paper WalletsLimit OrdersCan Bitcoin Be Destroyed by Governments or Corporations?The Energy Costs of BitcoinSecurity for new paymentsChoosing the Storage Method That's Right for YouPREFACEWhich Wallet Is Right for You?WHAT IS BITCOIN?Bitcoin UnitsOverall securityDoes Bitcoin Have Advantages over Existing Currencies?Step 2: Installing MavenStep 2: Setting Up Two-Factor IdentificationPseudocode for Elliptic Point Summation and Point MultiplicationFragmented Private Keys and Multi-Signature Addresses: The Main LoopHow Bitcoin Works in Simple TermsWhy Irreversible Transactions Are Arguably SuperiorRunning the Hello Money! AppElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)BITCOIN 2030Bitcoin Core vs. BitcoindPersonal vs. Hosted WalletsPublic Key CryptographyThe Best Programming Language for Connecting to the Bitcoin NetworkStep 3: Linking Your Bank Account to CoinbaseHello Money!A Parable of Two GeneralsBuying Bitcoins with CoinbaseCryptographic Methods Used in BitcoinStoring Small Amounts of BitcoinsCrowley and the Unfortunate Jelly-Filled Donut IncidentTransaction Confirmations, Double Spending, and IrreversibilityOnline Hosted Wallet ServicesA Brief Cryptography OverviewSigning a Bitcoin Transaction Using ECDSAEnsuring the Money TransmissionFuture WalletsHELLO MONEY! A SIMPLE JAVASCRIPT PROGRAMThe Meaning of "Easy"The Bitcoin WalletOne-Way FunctionsStep 1: Finding Someone to Buy FromInstalling Node.jsCryptographic Hash Functions Verify InformationOffline vs. Online Transaction SigningImporting a Private KeyStarting Bitcoin CoreSafety, Security, and ConvenienceA Day in the Life of a Bitcoiner in 2030Step 1: Registering at CoinbaseThe Bitcoin End GameCryptographic Hash Functions: SHA256 and RIPEMD160Buying Bitcoins the Fun and Futuristic WayWHY BITCOIN IS A BIG DEALAcquiring Bitcoins in Your WalletBITCOIN BASICSWhat's in This Book?Blockchain ForkingSatoshi SquareEffect on overall health of Bitcoin networkAbout the AuthorsWhat Are the Existential Risks to Bitcoin?Preventing Attacks with MiningStep 1: Setting Up an Account and Linking to Your Bank AccountWays to Buy BitcoinsThe Benefits of Using BitcoinThe Security of Bitcoin's CryptographyBITCOIN PROGRAMMING WITH BITCOINJFor Mac HackersSpending Bitcoins with Your WalletStep 3: Placing an Order to Buy BitcoinsAuthentication FactorsStep 3: Installing GitWhat Role Might Bitcoin Play in the Future?Using Bitcoin for SavingsStep 2: Deciding on a Meeting PlaceThe Complexity and Confusion of BitcoinBitcoin and Illegal ActivityProblems During Person-to-Person TransactionsGotchas When Using Wallets in BitcoinJWhy Is Bitcoin Mining Needed?AcknowledgmentsThe Dawn of BitcoinStep 1: Installing JavaHello Money! Balance: 20000 satoshisUNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BITCOIN WALLETSCreating a Starter Project for hello-moneyLimitations of Writing Bitcoin Programs That Use JSON-RPCSTORING YOUR BITCOINS SAFELY, SECURELY, AND CONVENIENTLYFor Linux FolksBitcoin Addresses Generated by Your Bitcoin Wallet ProgramStep 3: Handing Over the Money and Getting Your BitcoinsCombining Reversible and Irreversible AssetsStill Don't See a Buying Option That Works for You?The Future Potential of BitcoinBitcoin and Government StabilityThe Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC APIInstalling Java, Maven, and the BitcoinJ LibraryStoring Large Amounts of BitcoinsAdditional Wallet ConsiderationsRunning and Testing the hello-money Java ProgramInitializing Our Java ObjectsInstalling node-bitcoinBye-Bye MoneyDigital SignaturesWriting the Code for hello-moneyThree Ways to Write Bitcoin SoftwareEfficiency of storage useDecentralization in Bitcoin MiningCan Bitcoin Be Destroyed via Bugs or Hacks?THE CRYPTOGRAPHY BEHIND BITCOINStep 4: Buying Bitcoins on CoinbaseBuying Bitcoins from a Currency ExchangeWhy Bitcoin Needs CryptographyThe Complexity of the Bitcoin SystemBUYING BITCOINSWallet Software Design FundamentalsBitcoin's Early ImpactIrreversible TransactionsApplying the Parable to BitcoinUsing Digital SignaturesExtra Protection for Bitcoin Private KeysPreparing Your Machine for JavaScript Bitcoin ProgrammingHow Miners Solve a BlockAbility to import private keysBlock header structureStep 4: Installing BitcoinJBitcoin Mining for ProfitMoving Around on a LineLOST AT SEA. CRYPTOGRAPHIC ADVENTUREStep 5: Protecting Your Shiny New BitcoinsGeneral Security Notes on Bitcoin ProgrammingSending the MoneyAnatomy of a BlockA Face-to-Face Bitcoin Purchase with EscrowAbility to inspect arbitrary Bitcoin addressesPaper WalletsUsing Bitcoin as a Medium of ExchangeBuying Bitcoins the Efficient WayThe Dangers of Decentralized Digital MoneyOnline Personal Wallet ServicesConnecting to the Bitcoin NetworkSpecial Mention: The Bitcoin Brain WalletMining Bitcoins
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