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A short course of lectures
«Bitcoin for the befuddled»

Step 2: Deciding on a Meeting PlaceA Face-to-Face Bitcoin Purchase with EscrowBitcoin's Early ImpactThe BlockchainInitializing Our Java ObjectsStoring Large Amounts of BitcoinsCryptographic Hash Functions: SHA256 and RIPEMD160Still Don't See a Buying Option That Works for You?Crowley and the Unfortunate Jelly-Filled Donut IncidentThis Is It Called a Digital Signature?Bitcoin and Government StabilityThe Best Programming Language for Connecting to the Bitcoin NetworkPersonal Hot WalletAbility to import private keysSpecial Mention: The Bitcoin Brain WalletRandom Key Generation vs. Deterministic Key Generation (vs. Single Key Generation)The Energy Costs of BitcoinA Brief Cryptography OverviewA Parable of Two GeneralsOffline vs. Online Transaction SigningStarting Bitcoin CoreThe Blockchain LotteryBlockchain ForkingLOST AT SEA. CRYPTOGRAPHIC ADVENTUREFor Linux FolksBITCOIN BASICSThe Security of Bitcoin's CryptographySatoshi SquareApplying the Parable to BitcoinAbility to inspect arbitrary Bitcoin addressesStep 3: Linking Your Bank Account to CoinbaseInstalling node-bitcoinWhat Will a Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030?Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)Combining Reversible and Irreversible AssetsCryptographic Hash Functions Verify InformationStep 3: Installing GitDecentralization in Bitcoin MiningProblems During Person-to-Person TransactionsWays to Buy BitcoinsSome Upbeat Notes on Bitcoin SecuritySigning a Bitcoin Transaction Using ECDSAWhat Are the Existential Risks to Bitcoin?Step 1: Registering at CoinbaseRunning bye-bye-moneyWhat's in This Book?Using Bitcoin for SavingsOne-Way FunctionsStep 1: Installing JavaPreventing Attacks with MiningTheoretical Hash Rate LimitsExtra Protection for Bitcoin Private KeysBitcoin Addresses Generated by Your Bitcoin Wallet ProgramStoring Small Amounts of BitcoinsBitcoin and Illegal ActivityListening for New MoneyBITCOIN PROGRAMMING WITH BITCOINJStep 3: Placing an Order to Buy BitcoinsAcquiring Bitcoins in Your WalletHot Storage vs. Cold StorageWhy Not Just Mine Bitcoins?Can Bitcoin Be Destroyed by Governments or Corporations?Can Bitcoin Be Destroyed via Bugs or Hacks?Full vs. Simplified Payment VerificationMarket OrdersBitcoin Mining for ProfitWhy Bitcoin Needs CryptographyHELLO MONEY! A SIMPLE JAVASCRIPT PROGRAMCreating a Starter Project for hello-moneyBuying Bitcoins the Easy WayThree Ways to Write Bitcoin SoftwareStep 3: Handing Over the Money and Getting Your BitcoinsA Brief History of Digital CurrenciesBitcoin Mining in 2030Moving Around on a LineStep 4: Installing BitcoinJStep 4: Buying Bitcoins on CoinbasePersonal vs. Hosted WalletsThe Hassle of Converting Dollars (or Other Currencies) into BitcoinsDigital SignaturesThe Future Potential of BitcoinSecurity of confirmed paymentsStep 2: Installing MavenThe Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC APIA Day in the Life of a Bitcoiner in 2030Online Hosted Wallet ServicesBitcoin UnitsSending the MoneyFor Mac Hackers: The Main LoopBitcoin Core vs. BitcoindBitcoin and the Dangers of DeflationBuying Bitcoins the Fun and Futuristic WayStep 2: Transferring US Dollars to Your Exchange AccountWhy Is Bitcoin Mining Needed?Encrypted Paper WalletsBuying Bitcoins from a Currency ExchangeEnsuring the Money TransmissionOverall securityAuthorizing Transactions with Digital SignaturesBye-Bye MoneyBuying Bitcoins the Efficient WayGeneral Security Notes on Bitcoin ProgrammingThe Dawn of BitcoinCan Bitcoin Be Supplanted by Another Cryptocurrency?Mining BitcoinsDeclarations at the Top of the ProgramThe Bitcoin WalletPooled MiningHow Miners Solve a BlockUsing Bitcoin as a Medium of ExchangePREFACEThe Dangers of Decentralized Digital MoneyWallet Software Design FundamentalsPublic Key CryptographyProof-of-Work in Bitcoin MiningOffline Transaction SigningHello Money!Block header structureThe Complexity and Confusion of BitcoinWhy Use JavaScript?How Bitcoin Works in Simple TermsThe Bitcoin End GameBUYING BITCOINSLimitations of Writing Bitcoin Programs That Use JSON-RPCSpending Bitcoins with Your WalletCryptographic Methods Used in BitcoinAcknowledgmentsStep 2: Setting Up Two-Factor IdentificationWhich Wallet Is Right for You?Speed of new paymentsOther Common (and Not So Common) Bitcoin Wallet FeaturesHello Money! Balance: 20000 satoshisFuture WalletsStep 1: Finding Someone to Buy FromThe Meaning of "Easy"BITCOIN MININGLimit OrdersIrreversible TransactionsBITCOIN 2030: Initializing the Connection with Bitcoin CoreAuthentication FactorsStoring Your Private Key(s)UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BITCOIN WALLETSThe Complexity of the Bitcoin SystemWhy Irreversible Transactions Are Arguably SuperiorRunning the Hello Money! AppSpecial Mention: The Bitcoin Hardware WalletWhat Role Might Bitcoin Play in the Future?Reversible TransactionsWriting the Code for hello-moneyTHE CRYPTOGRAPHY BEHIND BITCOINWriting Your First Bitcoin Program in JavaScriptGotchas When Using Wallets in BitcoinJConnecting to the Bitcoin NetworkWhy Bitcoin Now?Pseudocode for Elliptic Point Summation and Point MultiplicationSecurity for new paymentsSpeediness of initial installation and network synchronizationThe Bitcoin AddressImporting a Private KeyRunning and Testing the hello-money Java ProgramEffect on overall health of Bitcoin networkThe Private KeyStep 1: Setting Up an Account and Linking to Your Bank AccountWHAT IS BITCOIN?Step 5: Protecting Your Shiny New BitcoinsDoes Bitcoin Have Advantages over Existing Currencies?WHY BITCOIN IS A BIG DEALThe Benefits of Using BitcoinOnline Personal Wallet ServicesSTORING YOUR BITCOINS SAFELY, SECURELY, AND CONVENIENTLYSafety, Security, and ConvenienceAdditional Wallet ConsiderationsA Face-to-Face Bitcoin Purchase Without EscrowInstalling Node.jsEfficiency of storage usePaper WalletsVerifying the Validity of the Transaction HistoryInstalling Java, Maven, and the BitcoinJ LibraryBuying Bitcoins with CoinbaseBitcoin's First Four YearsTransaction Confirmations, Double Spending, and IrreversibilityAbout the AuthorsUsing Digital SignaturesHow Does Bitcoin Mining Work?Fragmented Private Keys and Multi-Signature AddressesAnatomy of a BlockDistributing New Currency with MiningPreparing Your Machine for JavaScript Bitcoin ProgrammingChoosing the Storage Method That's Right for You
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