Integrating Inspaction and Degradation Stratagies

... A launch p ad for a bi gg er reliability initiative

Insanity is doing the same old things in the same old way and expecting different results.

Rita Mae Brown, Author and Social Activist.

Author: Jim Wardhaugh

Locations: 2.2.2 Large Complex Oil Refinery


A benchmarking exercise had shown our performance to be inadequate; and an internal review had shown a lot of problems. One of the more significant problems that we found was the compartmentalization of work groups, with each doing their own thing. There was little synergy between departments. In the climate of the time, this would have been called interference in another department's affairs. We identified another problem, namely that the Inspection group was acting in a policeman role rather than contributing to the business. In adopting this role, they had consciously raised barriers with other groups. In this chapter we will look at a move toward a joint three-party approach to the management of degradation of the static mechanical equipment and piping in a plant. This approach developed as a launch pad for a wider initiative.

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