Scheduling Stage

Scheduling was carried out together with the operations day assistant and the relevant discipline engineer. Time and resource estimation was carried out by the scheduler together with the relevant discipline engineer. Resources were leveled for the total integrated plan. This optimized the resources for maximum overall benefit. Contractors participated fully wherever they are involved.


The final critical path was 24 hours shorter than was earlier provided for in the production plan. The actual completion beat this plan by another 12 hours. The actual direct cost was 10% lower than the budget, which already had been 10% lower than the previous comparable shutdown.


During the preparation and execution of a multi-discipline project, it is nec?essary to have one overall leader; this results in maximum efficiency.

Rigorously challenging shutdown work lists to confirm they are in harmony with the premise, and then freezing them, are essential control steps. Any additional work thereafter has to meet stricter acceptance criteria.

Using a team to plan and schedule adds different perspectives and improves the quality of the process.

Integration of the network plan results in overall optimization. In a major project, this approach delivers significant benefits.

Keeping the same project team from concept to completion enhances ownership.

Turnarounds and shutdowns are projects with compressed time scales. Some specifics, providing a recipe for success, are given in Chapter 19, Shutdown Maintenance.


A framework is necessary to enable people to perform well. Good leaders set clear objectives, install and empower teams, and enable work flow by ensuring discipline in the way work is generated and controlled. They communicate these steps to the relevant people in a timely manner. Once this framework is in place, people at the working level will be able to produce good results.

The framework alone is not enough. We need in addition, competent and motivated people. Training, mentoring, and experience help develop competence. People who enjoy their work are usually well motivated, so every effort must be made to make their work interesting and challenging. We can then expect good results consistently.

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