First Shop Floor Trial

The intern joined the machine shifting crew, starting work along with the first electrician. Within a week of commencing the trial, the team was able to handle 6-7 machines per day shift, without additional resources. They required less overtime work and we expected we could reach a rate of 12-13 machines in two shifts. I was of the view that we would climb up the learning curve and reach the final target rate quite quickly. The remaining team members were not too happy with my position and urged me to be cautious while making any commitments to the GM.

In the May planning meeting, I told the GM that it was feasible to complete the work in 35 to 40 days and that a 30-day target may just be achievable. He accepted this evaluation, so we started working on the detailed plans.

Building Extension Delays

Meanwhile, there were problems with the building construction work. Our civil engineer assured me that we would meet the scheduled completion target, but I was not convinced. The project progress charts (S-curves) indicated that we would overshoot the target completion date by six weeks. As the person responsible for the building extension and machine shifting, I was concerned that the whole program would go awry. After discussions with the architect, the civil engineer, and the building contractor, we concluded that additional resources were required. In the event, the building construction was only finished on July 30, in spite of a 30-percent increase in resource levels.

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