Roll-Out to Other Sections

With this successful trial, it was relatively easy to introduce the authorization system to the other sections. We did this in a phased manner, taking six months more, so that people could adjust themselves to the revised ways of working.

In the past, the maintenance supervisors usually stayed back, mainly because some of their people were working overtime. They were themselves not paid any extra money, but working late became a custom. Once the new system was in place, they continued to stay late even though there was no overtime work in progress. It took quite some effort, including mild threats of disciplinary action, to break this habit.

In spite of the obvious success of the program, it was very difficult to introduce it in one section. Here the section manager did not agree with the change. In the weekly planning and scheduling meetings, chaired by co-author Mahen Das (who was then the planning engineer), the performance in this section stood out like a sore thumb. Eventually the reluctant manager gave in and allowed us to implement the new authorization system.

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