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The implementation was fairly successful. The improved reliability and reduced overtime raised the credibility of the maintenance department and made further improvements easier. We had managed to bring back some order from the chaos.


  • 1. Get all of the stakeholders on board from the beginning. Preparing the soil before planting is always a good approach. Sharing your vision with all those affected by the proposed change makes implementation easier.
  • 2. Find at least one customer who is willing to try your proposal.
  • 3. Your credibility is important; this means that your team may have to put in extra effort in the early stages.
  • 4. Measure performance before commencing the program and at regular intervals during and after implementation.


  • 1. A business process is often more important than technology.
  • 2. Identification of business benefits before starting the program is quite important. Sell this idea to the customers.
  • 3. In any program in which people are involved, introduce change gradually.
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