Scale Model

We made a two-dimensional scale model to verify the feasibility and validity of these steps. After playing with the model, we knew we had to make a few minor changes, but all the main steps seemed to be in order.

Reinforcement of Enlarged 60" Man-Way

Figure 30.3 Reinforcement of Enlarged 60" Man-Way

234 Chapter 30

Schematic Rigging Arrangement

Figure 30.4 Schematic Rigging Arrangement

Safety Aspects

The operation required good rigging skills and excellent communication. We broke down the tasks in great detail and allocated each sub-task to an individual by name. As the work was to be carried out round the clock in two 12-hour shifts, there were two teams involved. A week before the start of the shutdown, we conducted a mock drill to enact one removal and one installation.


During the actual exercise, we felt we had been doing this operation all our life. It went smoothly without a hitch. The shutdown was completed in 29 days, a whole day earlier than the historical duration. The exercise required innovation, teamwork, communication, and an enterprising spirit. But the most important ingredient for its successful completion was communication, both during planning as well as during execution of the exercise.

Lessons Learned

  • 1. Brain storming in a cross-functional team delivers amazing results.
  • 2. The vital ingredient for the success of a plan is extensive communication with all participants at all stages—i.e., concept, development of plan, scheduling—to make sure all participants fully understand their own roles as well as those of others.
  • 3. For critical and complex jobs, it pays to carry out a "mock drill."


A maintainer's life can never be boring. There are genuine opportunities to demonstrate leadership and creativity. (Sometimes we may find ourselves parachuted into situations that we had no role in creating. Playing with the cards we have been dealt can be very challenging. Maintainers face such situations regularly, perhaps more often than some others.)

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