Operators as a Maintenance Resource

The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.

Warren G. Bennis - Management Guru.

Author: Mahen Das

Location: 2.3.3 Corporate Technical Headquarters


I was one of a team of experienced maintenance practitioners in the corporate headquarters, who provided technical support to the refineries. We focused on improving their reliability and maintenance performance

We developed a maintenance and reliability performance appraisal program with which we could identify improvement actions. The client refinery agreed to execute the recommended actions within a time frame and with a clear implementation plan.

The program was carried out during a visit to the client refinery, jointly with selected members of the client's own staff. This collaborative effort tapped their knowledge and experience while giving them a sense of ownership of the project.

Execution of Maintenance Work

We selected efficiency of execution of maintenance work as one of the target areas for performance improvement. The key success factors for this are:

  • 1. Good planning, scheduling, and resource optimization
  • 2. Full and effective utilization of resources

Aspects of good planning, scheduling, and resource optimization of daily work are described in Chapter 24, Long Look-Ahead Plan. The current chapter deals with full and effective utilization of a resource which is traditionally underutilized.

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