The Ideal of Nature: Debates about Biotechnology and the Environment

PrefaceA Comparative Examination of Appeals to NatureOrganization of the VolumeREFERENCESDisposing Nature or Disposing of It? Reflections on the Instruction of NatureIn Defense of Living Nature. Finding Common Ground in a Medieval TraditionThe Scholastic Conception of NatureScience and ChristianityAll Things Seen and UnseenREFERENCESNature as Absence. The Logic of Nature and Culture in Social Contract TheoryThree Snapshots of Social Contract TheoryThomas Hobbes (1588-1679)John Locke (1632-1704)Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)A Logic of Nature and CultureThe Inner and the OuterThe Dialectic of Nature and CultureREFERENCESHuman Nature without TheoryThe Concept of Human NatureEssentialist versus Evolutionary Views of SpeciesNorms versus Individual DifferencesThe Value of Human NatureHuman Nature as Inviolable Ontological CategoryHuman Nature as the Basis for MoralityHuman Nature as a Condition of MoralityThe Relationship between Humans and NatureThe Relationship between Human Nature and the Human GoodThe Politics of “Human Nature”NOTESREFERENCESPreserving the Distinction between Nature and ArtifactThe Nature/Artifact Distinction: Restoration and Its MeaningAn Extreme Human Case: Nazis and DominationBack to the Nature/Artifact DistinctionNotesReferencesWhy “Nature” Has No Place in Environmental PhilosophyThe Appeal to NatureThinking like a Mountain. Nature, Wilderness, and the Virtue of HumilityCormac McCarthyWendell BerryNature and Human OverreachingNOTESREFERENCESHe Did It on Hot Dogs and Beer. Natural Excellence in Human Athletic AchievementSome Standard ObjectionsThe Council Weighs InRepudiation and IngratitudeThe Estrangement of Athletes from FansBroken Records and DiscontinuityThe Ideal of the Natural: Conventional, Not Metaphysical?From Recreation to Procreation: The Generality of a Constraint-Based Account of Appeals to NatureNOTESREFERENCESSport, Simulation, and EPOTwo Spectator Interests in Elite SportMcKibben on the Tedium of Enhanced MarathonsVicariously Participating in Exceptional PerformancesChess-playing Computers and Robot PitchersThe Interest in Identifying versus the Interest in ExtremesWADA’s Position on Synthetic EPOIs WADA Inconsistent?No One Has an Antecedent Interest in Using Synthetic EPO to Gain a Competitive AdvantageA Rule Permitting Synthetic EPO Is Open-ended in a Way That Conflicts with Our Interest in IdentifyingBanning Synthetic EPO Is More Practical Than Banning Other Techniques for Boosting HematocritsWhy Elite Athletes Need New Self-conceptionsNotesReferencesCommonsense Morality and the Idea of Nature. What We Can Learn from Thinking about “Therapy”Beyond the Therapy/Enhancement Distinction?Commonsense Morality and the Therapy/Enhancement DistinctionThe Normal Healthy BabyActivities of the World Health OrganizationTherapy up to a Point, Enhancement beyond ItA Difficult Case: Transgender SurgeryWhen Is Enhancement Justified?The Appeal to Nature and Our Orientation in the WorldNOTEREFERENCESRawls, Sports, and Liberal LegitimacyHuman Nature, Politics, and Justice as FairnessBeyond Basic Social JusticeHuman Nature and SportsSport in a Just SocietyRawls and RulesSports and the Just SocietyUnearned GiftsNOTESReferences
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