Hegel, Love and Forgiveness: Positive Recognition in German Idealism

Metaphysics and Ontology - Self and WorldMonistic Ontology and Social Ontology - Transcendental ArgumentsMetaphysical and Non-Metaphysical, Deflationary and NonDeflationary - Current Hegel ScholarshipRecognition and ReconciliationMetanoia - The Hegelian Dialectic and the Broken MiddleTHE SOCIAL SELF AND THE MASTER-SLAVE DIALECTICSocial Philosophy and Positive RecognitionHegel’s Master-Slave DialecticThe Place ofthe PhenomenologyRecognition and Self-ConsciousnessReadings of the Master-Slave DialecticModels of Interaction: The French Reception of Hegel’s Social PhilosophyPositive Recognition and Contemporary Social OntologyTHE SELF OF SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS: ETHICAL CONCEPTS, METAPHYSICAL FRAMEWORKSHegelian Intersubjectivity and German Idealist MetaphysicsReflexivity/Non-ReflexivityConcept/IntuitionSubject/ObjectThe Theological Roots ofPositive RecognitionForgiveness in MonotheismMediation and ReconciliationINTERSUBJECTIVITY, MONISTIC ONTOLOGY AND THE SOCIAL WORLDMonistic Ontology and Ethics as First PhilosophyIs Ontology Fundamental?Asymmetry, Reciprocity and PsychologyIntersubjectivity of What?Types of IntersubjectivityHegelian and Sartrean IntersubjectivityRepressed Intersubjectivity and Monistic OntologyThe Repression Thesis - Honneth, Theunissen, HabermasMonistic Ontology, Tragedy and TheologyMonistic Ontology as a Response to the Repression ThesisAMBIGUITY AND THE ONTOLOGICALLY SPLIT SELFSubject and Object: The Ambiguous AttitudePrimary Self-ConsciousnessSecondary Self-ConsciousnessTertiary Self-ConsciousnessAmbiguity and the ‘View from Nowhere’Failures of Recognition - Sartre and BeauvoirSartre and the Struggle for SubjectivityBeauvoir, Biology and TranscendenceFORGIVENESS: CONFRONTATION, METANOIA AND THE FREEDOM OF THE OTHERThe Confrontation With the OtherForgiveness as a Model of Ethical RecognitionMutuality and Group ForgivenessForgiveness, Justice and the Ethical LifeKant on ForgivenessHegelian ForgivenessLOVE: ETHICAL PARTNERSHIP AND THE SELF IN THE OTHERFrom Pre-Jena to the Philosophy of Right: Hegel on Love and RecognitionHegel and the ‘Pantheism of Love’Love in Hegel’s Later WorksLove as Ethical Partnership and as CaritasLove as Recognition and the Philosophy of EmotionLove, Violence and EqualityWORKS CITEDNOTES
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