Customer Experience

Robotica is a B2B company that provides organizations with cutting- edge propositions. The model is customer centric. It aims to deliver value to its customers (see Table 9.1). Dealing with customer experience in a B2B organization is not as easy. It is not possible to use several components normally used for raising up the perceived value for the consumer, since they could not be effective or not suitable in the case of business customers. For instance, leveraging on the design of the whole value proposition’s ecosystem in order to increase the overall marginality is a lever that may not be a choice for Robotica, as well as the possibility to play on physical or online shops to better convey its brand image.

Robotica has only a few tools to leverage on the perceived value for its business customers. Robotica is paying much attention toward the

Table 9.1 Robotica and its customer experience

Tangible value

Perceived value

Costs of the investment

Online website

Success fee on generated savings

Software design


Technological innovation

key elements capable of having a drastic impact on customer experience (Table 9.1). It especially stresses the fact that it is a technological partner aiming to grow “together” by supporting companies all along their evolution.

Roboticas products have proved to satisfy many relevant aspects that add value to its customers in many sectors, especially in terms of the costs of the investment, the software design, and the extent to which a company is innovating.

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