Megan: role and responsibilities

Megan worked as a community and workplace outreach tutor, mainly in adult literacy and numeracy. Her initial training was as a school teacher, and she had less experience in adult education than Aidan. She worked mainly with community partners including the Probation Service, and with NVQ candidates in workplaces. She led workshop sessions and carried out initial assessments. She also ran short specialist courses at the college, and some staff development courses on embedding literacy and numeracy in other subject areas. But most of her work was on a one to one basis with students, in a range of locations: in libraries, workplaces, or a Probation hostel.

Megan's paperwork

Where Aidan's principal unit of paperwork was 'the course', Megan's was 'the student'. Her 'typical' file began with a referral form with the student's details, from an assessor or a referring agency. She would phone the student to set up a meeting and an initial literacy assessment. She filled in a feedback sheet with candidates' scores and an explanation, talked through with students at a second meeting. She then completed their individual learning plan, adding specific goals after a later, more detailed diagnostic assessment. Other pedagogic paperwork included a 'motivation sheet' in which learners reflected on how they would feel when they achieved a certificate, and a 'ground rules' health and safety sheet defining norms of behaviour. NVQ candidates had 'Train to Gain' forms, recording enrolment and tracking achievements. Some learners also had a dyslexia assessment.

There was also college administrative paperwork. Megan tracked all her contacts with students carefully, recording phone calls on contact sheets, with every appointment, date, time, learner's signature, and the date of the next appointment. This was particularly important for students on probation who had to attend sessions to avoid breaching their order. Each month, she drew on her attendance register and assessment records to feed back on students' progress at the community team monthly meeting. She also occasionally ran courses. For these, she had a similar list of course file paperwork to complete as Aidan, as listed in the checklist below (Figure 3.2).

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