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A short course of lectures
«Effective Client Management in Professional Services»

Setting KPIs to Improve the Firm's ResultsDirect Marketing and PodcastsCreating unusual social eventsSecurity factorsKnowing the Firm's Top ClientsClient Satisfaction Yields InsightsGetting the Best from a CRM SystemClient analysisPresenting your proposalClient PanelsClient ExpectationsQualitative Aspects of Client Satisfaction InterviewsConferences and Other EventsGrowing the Client Base Strategically and ProfitablySynopsisBenefits to ClientsBenchmarking Surveys for Competitor ComparisonDEVELOP A SOLUTIONLack of common goalsRelationship Evaluation ProcessDeclining to respond to a RFPThe challenges of diversityLevel of client effortProbing NPSsThe Growing Importance of Business DevelopmentAnalysing and Mapping the Client DMUThought Leadership and its Impact on ClientsTargets and Metrics for Client SatisfactionBrandingCalculating the Value of the 'Promoter' ClientsThe Performance 'Gap'Establishing a Client Satisfaction ProgrammeHow International Clients Buy Professional ServicesEstablishing a Client CharterPositive commentsThe Aim of Client Relationship DevelopmentRecruiting the Best TalentThe Firm's Culture: Do Partners, Profits or Clients Come First?Producing Client Case StudiesWell-managed Mergers Can Improve a Firm's Market PositionClient ManagementThe Importance of Having Media-trained EmployeesThe Increasingly Mobile ClientCreating interest through sponsorshipPrepare for the relationshipClient SegmentationAbout the AuthorEstablishing a Client Care ProgrammeImpact on Clients of a Firm's StructureSynopsisPortfolio: Managing the Client PortfolioSynopsisDecision Maker AnalysisAdding Testimonials to the FunnelEmployee Engagement and its Impact on ClientsCRM SystemLead, plan, researchThe client's requirements and processes -10 key questions to be answeredThe Evolution of Strategic Marketing and its Impact on ClientsDeveloping Client TrustFeatures, Advantages, Benefits and EvidenceThe brand promiseLiving the brandGaining ReputationMaking a Difference to ClientsDocument the relationshipTracking prospective and past clientsAttraction: Attracting New ClientsCRM System FunctionalityThe Brand Challenges AheadThe Importance of Leveraging Alumni RelationshipsSector FocusMarket Development Impact on Clients in Emerging MarketsRaising awareness in non-clients about your firmExamples of Client Service ModelsThe Root Causes of Failure in Client ServiceProposals and BidsClassifying ClientsBrand Creation and DevelopmentDescribing the FirmThe Increasingly Mobile ClientWho Manages Client Care?The Evolving Commercial ModelClient Care Survey ResultsBrand identitySecure top-level support and regular communicationsContact with ClientsFee income levelAnalysing Client Satisfaction Survey ResponsesCOST-JUSTIFY THE SOLUTIONTypes of Client RelationshipOther Innovations Used by Professional Services Firms IDENTIFY AND GAIN AGREEMENT ON NEEDSA Hierarchy of Value Propositions May Be NeededSocial Media Channel UsageSocial CRM in Professional ServicesKey challengesCare: The Role of Client CareSelecting your bidteamMarket positionBrandKnowing the Firm's Most Loyal ClientsAn example of avalue proposition from an accountancy firmEvent Planning KPIsKnowledge of Buying Processes and Structures is Vital to Win New BusinessHow Clients Think and FeelThe Challenges of Managing International ClientsThe Importance of ReferralsProposal and Bid ContentMessagingAttracting New ClientsThe Enlightened FirmInfluencing factorsPRESENT AND CLOSEClient Touch PointsHow Clients Buy Professional Services Creating client interest through thought leadershipMeeting the client to understand their requirementsUsing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Explain Client SatisfactionThe Challenges of Developing Strong Client RelationshipsIdentifying Performance 'Gaps'Strategic Client Planning Process for Major PurchasesClient Care in Action Helps Client RetentionLaunching a CRM ProgrammePoor, or unclear, communicationGetting to Know the Buyers and their OrganisationCharacteristics of Loyal ClientsCourtshipAnother Example of Calculating the NPSClient Representation at Board LevelWell-managed Bids and Proposals Help to Grow the BusinessSatisfaction: Client Satisfaction and LoyaltyDeveloping KPIsAchievement factorsManaging the Client PortfolioClients Working with Their Advisors to Develop New ServicesPower and Influence of ClientsSynopsisClient relationship managementInnovation: Innovations that Impact ClientsMedia Relations and its Impact on ClientsMemberships of Industry Groups and NetworksEngagementClient-related objectivesRelationship TrackingContactingSynopsisChallenges AheadSponsorshipBrand, Differentiation and Positioning Key Client Selection and ManagementThought FollowershipBid or no bid?Sources of ReputationBid evaluationInnovative Service DevelopmentProspectingDiscuss client feedback to establish service goalsSynopsisBuyers: How Clients Buy Professional ServicesIncomeClient Satisfaction and Loyalty What this Book is AboutMoving Activities into ProgressionsStrategicSynopsisTypical business drivers researched in market segmentationRelationships: Client Relationship DevelopmentSynopsisClient-facing processesValue to your firmOrganising to Serve International ClientsTalent Management and DevelopmentBuyer Motivations in More Detail Skills of the strategic client managerStructuring the BD OperationAttention to DetailAffiliation factorsOrientation: Developing a Culture of Client OrientationClient satisfactionAcknowledgementsMeetings and conversionsCompetitor Regulation Impact on ClientsPublish Your Client SuccessesUsing Social Media Channels to Build Client RelationshipsInnovative Contact StrategiesDevelopthe relationshipPREPARE PROPOSALCreation of Tailored Networks for ClientsMarket ConsolidationInitial ThoughtsThe Way Ahead for Clients of Professional Services FirmsThe Evolution of Marketing in Professional Services FirmsSynopsisClients and Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe Service Matrix - Capability vs DeliveryTargetingThe Challenges of Reputation ManagementInnovative Firms Attract ClientsFurther Research with 'Promoters'Issue-Based Marketing CampaignsPortfolio Management is a Strategic PriorityThe Use of Technology to Target ClientsSynopsisClient CareProposals: Developing Winning Client Proposals and BidsInfluence factorsAppraise and reward excellenceSELECT OPPORTUNITIESClients that DefectThe Growth of Digitised Content MarketingInnovations that Impact ClientsThe proposal documentThe Importance of Regular Contact with ClientsClient MappingMoments of TruthBrand: Brand, Differentiation and Positioning and their Impact on ClientsOpportunisticCharacteristics of a Culture of Client OrientationAttracting prospective clients at eventsThe Role of the International HQGetting to Know Your Peers in the Client's OrganisationClient Data Mining and Data AnalyticsDevelopment: Establishing an Effective Client Business Development ProgrammeStrategic Client ManagementThe ChallengeAn Orchestrated PerformanceBusiness DevelopmentWho Should Find this Book UsefulSales Pipeline ManagementThe Impact on Clients of Mergers among FirmsSelect each otherThe Client Relationship Development ProcessOBTAIN AGREEMENTClient Relationship Development Developing a Culture of Client Orientation Winning Proposals and BidsPrioritising ClientsProject ManagementNegative commentsInnovative ProposalsOrganising around sectorsSector ConsolidationReview progress ofthe relationshipThe Client ExperienceAdding Referrals to the Sales PipelineExcellence in Client Care Leads to Achieving Preferred Supplier StatusRecognising Service ExcellenceArticles and MagazinesRole Description for a Strategic Client Manager in a Professional Services FirmRegular CommunicationClient Satisfaction Breeds LoyaltyThe Use of Data Analytics to Segment ClientsOverall role: a relationship builderTypical competencesUsing the Net Promoter Score to Rate Client SatisfactionSources of your credentialsThe Client/Partner/Manager Needs DilemmaPrefaceStrategicWays of classifying Clients for focusCSR ProgrammesThe Impact of MergersSynopsisSector focusWhat's in a (Brand) Name?Innovative MergersPricing PoliciesClient Relationship Management and CRM systemsSynopsisGAIN COMMITMENT OFTHE DECISION MAKERThe power of referrals in attracting new clientsDifferentiationAN EXAMPLE OF SEGMENTATIONMetricsRewarding Excellence in Client SatisfactionMonitoring and celebrating the success rate of proposals and bidsSupplier selection and evaluation factorsClient CareBranding and messaging auditsPositioning the Firm with ClientsThe Power of Client Testimonials in Attracting New BusinessAgree the desired level for the relationshipResponding to Proposals and Bids: A Step-by-Step ProcessWebsites that Attract InterestPRE-CONTACT ANALYSISSynopsisThe Developing Role of the Client Manager in Professional ServicesAdvertising and Digital Media ChannelsTaking on New ClientsAllow time for new behaviours to happenAn Innovative Merger of Law FirmsDeveloping a Value PropositionEstablishing an International Client Satisfaction ProgrammeThe Importance of Client Service PlansThe Way AheadThe Challenge of Attracting New ClientsReputation: Gaining Reputation with ClientsThe importance of listening and questioningBackground research on the clientBusiness Development Needs Focus and Metrics to be SuccessfulClient Orientation is EssentialBenefits of CRMSynopsisBUILD A CONTINUING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPSpeaking Engagements
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