Income Level of New Chinese Immigrants

To assess the economic performance of PRC-born immigrants in Canada’s labor market, their income is compared to that of immigrants from other regions who immigrated in the same period. Table 17.3 shows the mean yearly employment income for employees and self-employed persons for 11 immigrant groups from different countries and areas, separated by gender. Column 1 indicates that PRC male immigrants who were employees earned $1877 a year less than the mean income of $46,203 for all groups and $ 13,346 a year less than white immigrants from the USA and Europe. The income disparity between the two groups was $15,223 a year. PRC male employees earned less than those from Hong Kong, though at a much smaller magnitude of $3824 a year, but more than those from the Philippines, West Central Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa and some parts of Asia. Female employees from the PRC earned less than white female employees from the USA and Europe, but since women tend to have a lower income than men, the difference was smaller, at $6598 a year. PRC female employees earned $3824 less than their counterparts from Hong Kong but more than those from most parts of Asia, Central and South America, and Africa.

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