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A short course of lectures
«Advanced Practice Nursing»

ADVANCED PRACTICE WITHIN A NURSING PARADIGMTitle ProtectionINTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATIVE TEAMS AND EDUCATION: ROLES FOR THE APRNEMPLOYMENT STRATEGIES FOR THE APRNLeadership Development in Educational programsLIABILITYHISTORICAL PERSPECTIVETools to Support and Enhance Clinical Decision Making in Advanced Practice NursingInterviewingThe Policy Process and the Nursing ProcessAPRN Regulatory ModelAccreditation of Educational ProgramsThe Art of NursingEVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICEInformation LiteracyPRESENTING TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERThird-Party PayersREST'S FOUR-COMPONENT MODELAnalysis of Health InformationClinical PrivilegesErrors in Clinical ReasoningSCHOLARSHIP OF PRACTICE: APRN FACULTYMeso-Level SolutionsProcess ModelsEDUCATIONAL AND PRACTICE CHANGESINCORPORATING NURSING INTO ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSINGINTERNATIONALInterprofessional Collaborative Team Education: Role of the APRNOVERVIEW OF ADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSINGIndividual CharacteristicsAustraliaCONDUCTING GLOBAL RESEARCHCriteria for CertificationSetting Up a Medical CampKEYS TO APPLYING ETHICAL GUIDELINESProfessional SocializationAPRN Practice FrameworksJapanIndemnity InsurersGUIDELINES FOR PUBLICATION AND PRESENTATIONIrelandPost trip DebriefingHeuristics in Advanced Practice NursingPretravel PreparationsAPRN Practice FocusDefinitions of NursingGLOBAL HEALTH: DYNAMIC ROLES FOR THE APRN/APNState of APRN Research in the WorldInnovative Health TechnologyNurse PractitionersMedicaidHIT COMPETENCIES FOR NURSE PRACTITIONERS (NPs)MedicareII: IMPLEMENTATION OF THE APRN ROLEThinking ClinicallyCERTIFICATIONIII: TRANSITIONS TO THE ADVANCED PRACTICE ROLEREIMBURSEMENT REALITIES FOR THE APRNRelationship Between Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision MakingAgencies Involved in the Global APRN ExperienceTHEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL MODELSEducatorINAUGURATING YOUR ADVANCED PRACTICE CAREERAPRNs and Doctoral EducationReferrals/Transfer to the HospitalCertified Registered Nurse AnesthetistsLocating Job OpportunitiesLEADERSHIP SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: KEYS TO APRN SUCCESS IN HEALTH CARE SYSTEMSBilling and Reimbursement IssuesScope of PracticeProcessPROCESSES, FOCUS, AND FRAMEWORKSOrganizing Clinical Knowledge for PracticeInformation ManagementETHICAL CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONSHEALTH CARE POLICY: IMPLICATIONS FOR ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICECharacteristics of the Question or Clinical ProblemCLINICAL DECISION MAKING AS UNDERSTOOD FROM PRACTICEROLE OF THE APRN IN GLOBAL RESEARCHHEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE APRNSELECTED ENTITIES AND PROVIDER SYSTEMS The NetherlandsREGULATIONPRACTICE ISSUES: REGULATION, CERTIFICATION, CLINICAL PRIVILEGES, PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY, AND LIABILITYINFLUENCE OF HISTORYPreparing the APRN for Global ExperiencesDefinition of Scholarly PracticeI: FOUNDATIONS OF ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICEMacro-Level SolutionsSystems SupportIn-Country DebriefingAPRN ROLESEVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE: STAYING INFORMED AND TRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE AND POLICYScanning the EnvironmentHome VisitsCommonalities in Clinical Reasoning Across Health DisciplinesManaged Care Organizations (MCOs)GLOBAL APRN ROLES AND TRENDSResumes, Curricula Vitae, and Cover LettersAdditional ConsiderationsEthics and Responsibilities: Approach to CareIMPACT OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ON APRN EMPLOYMENTScandinaviaDirect CareAPRNs and the Concept of PowerUNDERSTANDING THE MARKETPLACE AND MARKETING THE APRN ROLECertifying BodiesTHE ART AND SCIENCE OF NURSINGOrganizational Climate and CultureDOCUMENTATION AND CODING TO GAIN REIMBURSEMENTACCESS, QUALITY, AND COSTWorking CollaborativelyModel for Clinical ScholarshipTeam Member Injuries/Serious IllnessesTRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICELEADERSHIP AND HEALTH POLICYClinical Reasoning in NursingProfessional PortfolioJordanADVANCED CLINICAL DECISION MAKINGApplication of Competencies to the APRN RoleBARRIERS TO TRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE AND POLICYETHICAL ISSUES VERSUS LEGAL ISSUESProfessional AccountabilitySolutions: Roles for APRNsThe Science of NursingPUBLIC POLICY: THE PROCESSWHAT IS NURSING?ETHICAL ISSUES IN ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSINGPRACTICE ISSUESCurrent HIT Controversies and FailuresSOLUTIONS: A ROLE FOR APRNsClinical Decision Making in Health-Illness ManagementPREFACEBROADER GLOBAL TRENDS AND NEEDSKNOWLEDGE, SKILL, AND COMPETENCIESHealth Care Medical BrigadesEvaluation of ResearchTHE U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEMROLE OF THE APRN IN EDUCATION DELIVERY AND CONSULTATIONADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSING: THEN AND NOWDecision-Making Processes: Research in Clinical ReasoningBlurred BoundariesADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING WITHIN HEALTH CARE SETTINGS: ORGANIZATIONAL ROLESU.S. REIMBURSEMENT TRENDSProvider SystemsFulbright Programs and Project HOPEKey APRN Marketing TasksCredentialsSystem / Organizational BarriersSources of AnswersPRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITYTeam MeetingsTHE APRN AS ENGAGED CITIZENThe Culture of Safety and QualityAnalysis of OrganizationsOrganizational InfluencesMicro-Level SolutionsNurse-MidwivesCNM and CRN A ReimbursementBARRIERS FOR ICTsClinical Nurse SpecialistsSCHOLARSHIP OF PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONALISMMULTIFACETED ROLES OF THE APRNREIMBURSEMENT STRUCTURES
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