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A short course of lectures
«Advanced Practice Nursing»

APRN Regulatory ModelLIABILITYPretravel PreparationsProvider SystemsADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING WITHIN HEALTH CARE SETTINGS: ORGANIZATIONAL ROLESWorking CollaborativelyII: IMPLEMENTATION OF THE APRN ROLEOVERVIEW OF ADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSINGDOCUMENTATION AND CODING TO GAIN REIMBURSEMENTAPRN Practice FrameworksINAUGURATING YOUR ADVANCED PRACTICE CAREERHome VisitsBROADER GLOBAL TRENDS AND NEEDSHIT COMPETENCIES FOR NURSE PRACTITIONERS (NPs)AustraliaClinical Reasoning in NursingState of APRN Research in the WorldTHE ART AND SCIENCE OF NURSINGEvaluation of ResearchJordanADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSING: THEN AND NOWOrganizing Clinical Knowledge for PracticePROCESSES, FOCUS, AND FRAMEWORKSThird-Party PayersACCESS, QUALITY, AND COSTCertifying BodiesCredentialsTRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICEDefinitions of NursingBilling and Reimbursement IssuesMeso-Level SolutionsSOLUTIONS: A ROLE FOR APRNsETHICAL ISSUES IN ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSINGUNDERSTANDING THE MARKETPLACE AND MARKETING THE APRN ROLECertified Registered Nurse AnesthetistsPRACTICE ISSUESROLE OF THE APRN IN GLOBAL RESEARCHEDUCATIONAL AND PRACTICE CHANGESGLOBAL APRN ROLES AND TRENDSPUBLIC POLICY: THE PROCESSTHE U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEMCERTIFICATIONPRACTICE ISSUES: REGULATION, CERTIFICATION, CLINICAL PRIVILEGES, PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY, AND LIABILITYClinical Nurse SpecialistsIII: TRANSITIONS TO THE ADVANCED PRACTICE ROLEMedicareLocating Job OpportunitiesClinical Decision Making in Health-Illness ManagementBARRIERS FOR ICTsProcess ModelsTeam MeetingsEVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE: STAYING INFORMED AND TRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE AND POLICYAnalysis of Health InformationLEADERSHIP SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: KEYS TO APRN SUCCESS IN HEALTH CARE SYSTEMSSources of AnswersDirect CareReferrals/Transfer to the HospitalProfessional AccountabilityTitle ProtectionJapanREIMBURSEMENT STRUCTURES In-Country DebriefingTHEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL MODELSINFLUENCE OF HISTORYEVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICESCHOLARSHIP OF PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONALISMHealth Care Medical BrigadesCriteria for CertificationKNOWLEDGE, SKILL, AND COMPETENCIESGLOBAL HEALTH: DYNAMIC ROLES FOR THE APRN/APNBlurred BoundariesProfessional SocializationREST'S FOUR-COMPONENT MODELGUIDELINES FOR PUBLICATION AND PRESENTATIONMicro-Level SolutionsApplication of Competencies to the APRN RoleAPRN Practice FocusHeuristics in Advanced Practice NursingErrors in Clinical ReasoningIMPACT OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ON APRN EMPLOYMENTPost trip DebriefingKEYS TO APPLYING ETHICAL GUIDELINESOrganizational Climate and CultureSystems SupportRelationship Between Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision MakingHEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE APRNAgencies Involved in the Global APRN ExperienceInformation ManagementHEALTH CARE POLICY: IMPLICATIONS FOR ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICECNM and CRN A ReimbursementAccreditation of Educational ProgramsADVANCED PRACTICE WITHIN A NURSING PARADIGMModel for Clinical ScholarshipAdditional ConsiderationsPREFACEPRESENTING TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERKey APRN Marketing TasksWHAT IS NURSING?The Policy Process and the Nursing ProcessHISTORICAL PERSPECTIVEROLE OF THE APRN IN EDUCATION DELIVERY AND CONSULTATIONScandinaviaIndividual CharacteristicsManaged Care Organizations (MCOs)ETHICAL CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONSSolutions: Roles for APRNsAPRN ROLESINTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATIVE TEAMS AND EDUCATION: ROLES FOR THE APRNDecision-Making Processes: Research in Clinical ReasoningLeadership Development in Educational programsFulbright Programs and Project HOPEPreparing the APRN for Global ExperiencesMULTIFACETED ROLES OF THE APRNIrelandREGULATIONNurse PractitionersPRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITYSCHOLARSHIP OF PRACTICE: APRN FACULTYThe Culture of Safety and QualityClinical PrivilegesInterviewingMedicaidBARRIERS TO TRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE AND POLICYThe Art of NursingNurse-MidwivesREIMBURSEMENT REALITIES FOR THE APRNIndemnity InsurersINTERNATIONALAPRNs and the Concept of PowerTeam Member Injuries/Serious IllnessesScanning the EnvironmentSystem / Organizational BarriersResumes, Curricula Vitae, and Cover LettersADVANCED CLINICAL DECISION MAKINGInnovative Health TechnologyScope of PracticeLEADERSHIP AND HEALTH POLICYThinking ClinicallyEMPLOYMENT STRATEGIES FOR THE APRNSetting Up a Medical CampProcessETHICAL ISSUES VERSUS LEGAL ISSUESCommonalities in Clinical Reasoning Across Health DisciplinesINCORPORATING NURSING INTO ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSINGTools to Support and Enhance Clinical Decision Making in Advanced Practice NursingCLINICAL DECISION MAKING AS UNDERSTOOD FROM PRACTICESELECTED ENTITIES AND PROVIDER SYSTEMS APRNs and Doctoral EducationEducatorEthics and Responsibilities: Approach to CareU.S. REIMBURSEMENT TRENDSI: FOUNDATIONS OF ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICEMacro-Level SolutionsInterprofessional Collaborative Team Education: Role of the APRNProfessional PortfolioDefinition of Scholarly PracticeThe NetherlandsTHE APRN AS ENGAGED CITIZENCONDUCTING GLOBAL RESEARCHInformation LiteracyAnalysis of OrganizationsOrganizational InfluencesCharacteristics of the Question or Clinical ProblemThe Science of NursingCurrent HIT Controversies and Failures
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