Metaphysics and the philosophy of science : new essays

Time for Empiricist MetaphysicsINTRODUCTIONTHREE DISTINCTIONSAN ALTERNATIVE INTERPRETATIONEMPIRICAL ACCESSАbsolute, true, and mathematical time IN the project of the PRINCIPIAEMPIRICIST METAPHYSICS. Time for Empiricist MetaphysicsTIME FOR EMPIRICIST METAPHYSICSAbsolute TimeTrue TimeMathematical TimeСonclusionsACKNOWLEDGMENTSREFERENCESOntology, Complexity, and CompositionalityTHE WEDDING CAKE ONTOLoGYСompositionality and complexityMetaphysics and the Philosophy of Science ENION PROBABILITY ANALYSISWHERE DID THE INTERACTIONS GO?Оtologies of the high-level sciencesReferencesNaturalized Metaphysics and the Contention over the Ontological Status of SpeciesNATURALIZED METAPHYSICS AND THE METAPHYSICS OF SPECIESThe naturalist clubANTI-ESSENTIALISM: A NATURALIST SUCCESS STORY?INDIVIDUALISMHOMEOSTATIC PROPERTY CLUSTER ANALYSESCONCLUSIONSReferencesNo General StructureQUESTIONS ABOUT BIOLOGICAL FUNDAMENTALSWHAT is a gene? the classical gene concept in scientific practiceApplying the traditional approach of scientific metaphysics to the best biological theories of 1930sWHAT IS A GENE? THE MOLECULAR GENE CONCEPT IN SCIENTIFIC PRACTICEPROBLEMS WITH APPLYING THE TRADITIONAL APPROACH OF SCIENTIFIC METAPHYSICS TO GENETICSDrawing general conclusions from conceptual practice in geneticsDoes the no general structure thesis count as significant metaphysics?ReferencesAn Empiricist’s Guide to Objective ModalityMODALITYTHE PERSISTENT STUMBLING BLOCK FOR REDUCTIONFunctionModels as pps’s to fep’sLewis’s programMODALITY FOR THE EMPIRICISTTo sum upREFERENCESSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. METAPHYSICS AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCEAn Apology for Naturalized MetaphysicsINTRODUCTIONAn apology for every thing must go: metaphysics naturalizedThe Negative Content of ETMGThe Positive Metaphysics of ETMGComposition in metaphysics and in scienceConclusionReferencesExplanation and Explanationism in Science and MetaphysicsINTRODUCTION Explanationism in metaphysicsNaturalistic metaphysics and scienceON THE STRATEGY oF Methodological SIMILARITYIssues with MC2Issues with MC3ON THE STRATEGY OF CONFIRMATIONAL HOLISMCODAReferencesInterventionism and the Missing Metaphysics. A DIALOGUEACKNOWLEDGMENTSREFERENCESAgainst Bracketing and Complacency. METAPHYSICS AND THE METHODOLOGY OF THE SCIENCESSOME QUESTIONS, AND THE BRACKETING STRATEGYTHE PRACTICAL NECESSITIES OF PHILOSOPHICAL LIFEThe legitimization argumentAGAINST THE LEGITIMIZATION ARGUMENT, AND AGAINST BRACKETINGClosing polemicsACKNOWLEDGMENTSREFERENCES
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