Behavioral intervention research is challenging and requires a systematic and well-documented approach. This is essential to having confidence that an intervention has an impact on outcomes of interest. It also facilitates the ability of other researchers to replicate the intervention and, ultimately, the implementation of the intervention in community and clinical settings. This does not imply that it is not possible to target intervention materials for subgroups within a sample or to tailor an intervention according to pre-established individual characteristics. Targeting intervention materials and tailoring also require a systematic and well-documented approach. In this chapter, we offer suggestions for enhancing the standardization of an intervention protocol. This includes developing a thorough and up-to-date MOP and a solid plan for training team members, which includes booster sessions. A plan for monitoring treatment integrity must also be in place, and there should be established mechanisms for communication within the research team. Adoption of these strategies for standardizing study protocols will greatly enhance the quality, accuracy, and reliability of the findings generated from an intervention research study.

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