Strategies for Delivery

To enhance the consistent and accurate delivery of an intervention, strategies to enhance, monitor, and measure this aspect may include the purposeful and careful selection, training, and certification of interventionists. Further, ongoing and regular meetings with interventionists in which feedback as well as direct observations, review of audiotaped sessions, or the use of monitoring checklists to quantify adherence to session protocols is provided, can be used to both monitor and measure fidelity among interventionists. Furthermore, the use of study folders, checklists, and forms to track dose and intensity can also be helpful strategies (Spillane et al., 2007).

Strategies for Receipt

To enhance, monitor, and measure receipt of an intervention, participants can be asked to demonstrate a particular skill or knowledge of material or to complete worksheets that reinforce the information provided as part of the intervention. Ongoing assessment and monitoring of knowledge or skill attainment can provide an understanding of what is (or is not) working, to address participants’ questions and to identify barriers to participation. To this end, checklists or measures of the level of receptivity or understanding of the participant and pre- and posttest readiness and knowledge and skills assessments may be useful.

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