Hiring Process

As each institution has different hiring practices and processes, prior to staffing a project it is important to know institutional requirements. Specifically, it is helpful to have an understanding of specific job titles and classifications and their associated salary ranges, available employment options (e.g., casual, part-time, or full-time) and associated benefits, hiring processes including who can hire and interview, titles for position descriptions and templates for posting positions, the typical length of time for the hiring process, onboarding practices, and yearly performance evaluations and firing guidelines. Knowing about and then navigating institutional policies, particularly as it concerns the hiring process, is essential. Hiring processes can take a long time ( upwards of 6 months or more) and hence impact study time lines, what is possible to achieve, and the appropriate spending of one’s grant budget within allocated time lines. The length of time to identify and bring a staff member on board can vary widely depending upon the candidate pool, institutional policies and practices, whether an internal or external candidate is hired, and availability of funding, space, and other needed resources. Allowing sufficient time for the hiring process is important as it may vary vastly from 1 to 9 months or more and, in turn, delay rapid start-up of a study and entering the field.

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