Proof of Feasibility

In writing a proposal to support intervention development or testing, an important aspect is providing evidence that each aspect of the proposed study is feasible including one’s recruitment plans, approach to interviewing and acceptability of measures, and, as discussed earlier, delivery of the intervention. Recruiting study participants for intervention research is a frequently overlooked task that is critical, of course, to the success of any type of trial or testing phase. Having a well-developed recruitment and retention plan that is adequately budgeted for is paramount (see Chapter 10). Demonstrating some proof that the expected number of participants can be enrolled (and retained) in the trial is essential at any phase of the pipeline. Some agencies will require upon funding a quarterly or yearly accounting of enrollment progress, and funds may be adjusted if accrual goals are not met.

If one is proposing an innovative approach to data capture or treatment delivery (e.g., through the Internet or a technology), demonstrating proof of its feasibility is important as reviewers will evaluate the proposal on this basis.

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