As in all steps and processes related to developing, evaluating, and implementing behavioral interventions, advancing publication entails a thoughtful process and set of actions geared toward cumulative knowledge building and changing practice. There are multiple and important opportunities in the form of publications to contribute scientifically prior to obtaining the main outcomes in an intervention study. This is particularly the case if a thoughtful stance is assumed in the initial design of the study. Identifying relevant research questions secondary to the primary trial outcome-oriented questions and including associated measures at baseline data collection can yield critical publications. For any manuscript, but particularly one reporting the main trial outcomes, selecting an appropriate journal is a strategic process. It entails balancing multiple factors with the primary goal of reaching key stakeholders who can act upon the evidence in a meaningful way to ultimately effect some type of change in practice. Publishing is not only a professional expectation but an ethical responsibility to use allocated resources for the advancement of knowledge and improvement of the public’s health.

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