A more coherent policy agenda can unlock the development potential of migration

The report argues that migration, through the dimensions analysed in the IPPMD study - emigration, remittances and return migration - can contribute to Cambodia's economic and social development. However, this development potential does not seem to be being fully realised.

To harness the development impact of migration, the country requires a more coherent policy framework. Cambodia has recently begun to formulate policies on migration - for example, policies on labour migration aim to improve the management of overseas employment services and protect Cambodian workers abroad (MOLVT, 2014). Yet, many other line ministries often overlook the effects migration can have on their areas of responsibility - be it the labour market, agriculture, education, or investment and financial services - as well as the effects of their policies on migration. This report calls for taking into account migration when designing policies for different sectors and national development plans for Cambodia.

The following sections provide policy recommendations for each sector studied in the IPPMD project in Cambodia. Policy recommendations across different sectors and different dimensions of migration stemming from the ten-country study are specified in the IPPMD comparative report (OECD, 2017).

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