Most emigrants choose Thailand as their country of destination

Data collected on emigrants included their current country of residence, the time since they emigrated and the reason they left. Thailand is the main destination country, hosting 88% of the emigrants from the households sampled (Figure 3.4). While women, who account for 40% of the emigrants captured by the IPPMD data, are very similar to men in terms of choice of destination, Malaysia is slightly more prominent as a destination for female emigration, and South Korea for male emigration. Less than 5% migrate to high-income countries.

The main reasons given for emigrating were to help the family in Cambodia, to take a job, to search for work abroad, or because of unemployment (Figure 3.5). Together these four reasons accounted for more than 90% of the responses. The reasons for emigrating are very similar among emigrants from rural and urban households, although a larger share of urban emigrants left to help family members.

About one-third of the sample had left Cambodia less than one year before the survey, 29% between one and two years, 27% between two and five years, and the remaining 10% had left more than five years before the survey (Figure 3.6). Emigration from rural areas tends to be more recent, as 37% of emigrants from rural areas had left Cambodia less than one year before the survey, compared to only 21% of emigrants from urban areas. While women and men present very similar patterns in terms of duration of stay in the destination country, seasonal migrants are slightly more likely to be men than women (6% versus 5%).


Figure 3.4. Most emigrants migrate to neighbouring Thailand

Share of emigrants in main destination countries (%), by gender

Source: Authors’ own work based on IPPMD data.


Figure 3.5. Emigration is motivated by labour and financial-related reasons

Relative share of reasons emigrants left (%)

Note: Respondents were given the chance to provide two reasons for emigrating, but only the first reason was taken into account.

Source: Authors’ own work based on IPPMD data.


Figure 3.6. Emigrants from rural areas tend to have left more recently than emigrants from urban areas

Time since emigrants left

Source: Authors’ own work based on IPPMD data.


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