To place men under the spotlight, and to problematize masculinity, is not to say that men are of greater concern than other groups or variables within the prison system, nor that all masculinities in prison are inherently negative, nor that all men are problems. Neither does this book intend to say that women must pander to the needs of men, or that men’s crime desistance is in any way women’s fault or under their control: it is not. Individuals are responsible for their own offending behaviours. Men cannot dominate the criminal justice system and shift the blame for such domination onto others. What the book does try to do, however, is to bring to the fore the aspects of male incarceration that dominates all systems all over the world, and attempt to unpack how prisons and masculinities interact and intertwine. What I wish to bring attention to is the fact that men make their own choices as to how they behave, and such choices are as a result of the people around them, and the amount of value that they place upon that audience’s opinions and views of them as an individual—even if those opinions are only the internalised perceptions of that individual man himself. Ultimately, this book tries to make visible both the wood and the trees in the prison landscape.

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