The colder war

ForewordEnergyand the ManAcknowledgmentsThe End of the Lost DecadeThe Lost DecadeMove to MoscowThe BombingsSecond Chechen WarPutin InstalledHumbling the OligarchsLand of OpportunityNailing KhodorkovskyVouchersThe Yukos WayPutin's Best OfferDropping the HammerA Trail of BodiesDaring to NoticeSurvive and ThriveVision and PrincipleThe Great Game and the End of the Cold WarThe First DropThe PioneerGo BigOil, War, and PeaceThe First NickelEveryone's DollarThank you, Mr. NixonThe Slavic WarriorLittle Boy PutinBig Boy PutinPutin at WorkHands off GeorgiaHands on GeorgiaUkraineWhat Putin Wants in UkraineGas TransportSevastopolProtecting RussiansThe BufferAfter the USSRDon't Forget to VoteMaidan Up CloseCrimea Comes HomePutin the StatesmanBeyond the Common Economic SpaceHere We Go AgainThe Putinization of OilArctic OilEuropean MarketRosneftWinking at OPECOil PipelinesThe Putinization of GasBetter PipesLiquefied Natural GasEuropean BurnersGazpromBeyond Europe and BackThe Putinization of UraniumLong-Term ShortageScience LessonShort-Term FixesPutin's Uranium SuperstoreThe Ultimate SourceGoing to School in MongoliaToward the EndgameThe Transient SurplusThe Middle East Oil, Wars, and the Great GameIran: Sanctions, Coups, and RevolutionsIraq: The QuagmireIraq's Oil HistoryKurdistan—The Would-Be CountryAfghanistan: The Bear TrapSyria: Why Do We Care?Bahrain's ImportanceIsraelRattling around the Shaky House of SaudTwilight of the PetrodollarDarts at the DollarThe Dollar Shoots ItselfThe Tide of CommerceBack to RiyadhPost-Petrodollar AmericaSoftening UpThe ProcessOn the Fast TracksLast ExitWhat You Can DoBringing Modern Technology to Old FieldsAfterwordAbout the Author
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