Health care management

As described above, some authors believe there may be a link between shift working and long-term health effects. Knauth and hornberger (2003) suggest that to address these issues companies should monitor the health of shift workers to allow the early identification of any problems. Further, a company’s medical staff should be knowledgeable about current research on sleep disorders and shift maladaption syndrome (insomnia during the main sleep period or excessive sleepiness during the major awake period associated with night shift work or frequently changing shift work; American psychiatric Association, 2000).


obviously a worker will be tired after a 12-hour night shift, and if they are driving home after work, fatigue could affect their ability to concentrate. Knauth and Hornberger (2003) summarise a number of measures that could be considered to stop shift workers having a driving accident on the way home due to fatigue. They suggest that the employer have a company car pool to take workers home or offer a place to take a nap before driving home. they also advise that shift workers should keep their car cool, turn on the radio, vary their route, use public transport, and live close to their place of work.

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