Success in Innovation: Improving the Odds by Understanding the Factors for Unsuccess

I The Innovation ProcessInsights in InnovationWhat is innovationThe Bridge ModelStage I: Creating the product and business conceptsStage II: Developing and demonstrating the productStage III: Developing, or acquiring access to, the supply chainStage IV: Building the businessThe Innovation FunnelChances of successA perfect innovationThe impact of innovationInnovation needs to be managedThe Innovation BridgeCrossing the bridgeStage I — Creating the product and business conceptsProduct conceptBusiness planEurekaDitch the business plan2Starting a companyFinancing stage ICrowdfundingStage II — Developing and demonstrating the productSootless DieselStage III — Developing access to the supply chainStage IV — Building the businessGuarding the tollgatesBuilding the BusinessThe building blocksStrategic orientationDesigning the businessProject execution planSuper ReactorCambridge Display TechnologyCost and time overrunsDemonstrating the productManaging expectationsBeing ready for the launchFinancial planningThe Valley of DeathOrganizing the businessIntegrity in data and systemsOperating effectively and efficientlyMeeting legal requirementsSummary III Factors for UnsuccessWrong StartsSolution looking for a problemThe era of S&T1 pushForgotten InnovationsTouching the lightSure winners that failedFormula ShellToo much optimismSuccess as second generationNot the right entrepreneurTypes of entrepreneursPoor ExecutionNot managing risksThe 25 Cell MatrixRefinancing in the ValleyDilutionLacking key capabilitiesInterManLosing the momentumFading interestTRIGATMaking wrong assessmentsQWERTY and the typewriterUnhappy EndingsNot keeping costs downMisinformation and deceitRedcoastHaolamBad luckBiomimic beetle technologySummary IIIII Factors for SuccessInternal FactorsPatentsInvestorsRaising money under pressureLaunching customerStrategic partnersAcorn and OlivettiOxford Catalysts and VelocysAdvisorsTimingExternal FactorsSubsidyStandardsOpen innovationSustainable innovationAfrica innovations: 15 ideas helping to transform a continentInnovation environmentInstitute of Brilliant FailuresSerendipityThe microwave ovenFlying under the radarSummary III
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