Fieldwork in Guatemala

Collecting and working with my own material has been an incredibly rewarding and educational experience for me. When planning such a project, it may be easy to forget that one is working with actual people who have their own stories, thoughts and ideas. I have learnt a lot about planning and working with interview material, and most importantly, I have learnt to improvise.

I will now present the result of my fieldwork, which I also see as the interviewees’ answers to my research questions. Part II is divided in 6 chapters, where the first chapter will explain how some of the most common terms are used. The rest of the chapters in Part II deal with the interviewees’ opinions on the subjects of becoming and working as ajq’ijab.

The central park in Quetzaltenango. On the ground, a cofradia, a 'saint-cultfrom one of the city’s Catholic churches is making a mosaic of coloured sawdust, meant to be trampled over a few hours later by a procession honouring St Mary of the Rosary. To the left my assistant, Victor Garcia, is admiring the work.

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