I Motivation and Basics

Part I explains what microservices are, why they are interesting, and where they are useful. Practical examples demonstrate the impact of microservices in different scenarios.

Chapter 1, “Preliminaries,” start to define microservices.

To illustrate the importance of microservices, Chapter 2, “Microservice Scenarios,” contains detailed scenarios illustrating where microservices can be used.

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This chapter provides an overview of the concept of a microservice. The first section defines microservices. The second section answers the question “Why microservices?” Finally, the chapter ends by discussing the challenges associated with microservices.

Overview of Microservice

The focus of this book is microservices—an approach to the modularization of software. Modularization in itself is nothing new. For quite some time, large systems have been divided into small modules to facilitate the implementation, understanding, and further development of the software.

Microservices are a new approach to modularization. However, the term “microservice” is not really well defined, so the chapter starts with a definition of the term and describes how microservices are different from the usual deployment monoliths.

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