Developing a New Signaling System

Greenfield applications can also be built using microservices. In some cases, that is the much more natural approach. This section starts with a general description of a greenfield scenario and then gets into the details of the example—a new signaling system.


Searching for airplanes and ships that have gone missing is a complex task. Rapid action can save lives. Therefore, different systems are required. Some provide signals such as radio or radar signals. These signals have to be recorded and processed. Radio signals, for example, can be used to obtain a bearing, which subsequently has to be checked against radar-based pictures. Finally, humans have to further analyze the information. The data analyses, as well as the raw data, have to be provided to the different rescue teams. Figure 2.3 provides an overview of the signaling system. Signal Inc. builds systems for exactly these use cases. The systems are individually assembled, configured, and adapted to the specific needs of the respective client.

Overview of the Signaling System

Figure 2.3 Overview of the Signaling System

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