Reasons to Use Microservices

The system is composed of different components that run on different computers. The sensors are distributed all over the area to be monitored and are provided with their own servers. However, these computers are not supposed to handle the more detailed data processing or store the data. Their hardware is not sufficiently powerful for that. Data privacy considerations would also render such an approach very undesirable.

Distributed System

For these reasons, the system has to be a distributed system. The different pieces of functionality are distributed within the network. The system is potentially unreliable, as individual components and the communication between components can fail.

It would be possible to implement a large part of the system within a deployment monolith. However, upon closer consideration, the different parts of the system have to fulfil very different demands. Data processing requires a substantial CPU and an approach that enables numerous algorithms to process the data. For such purposes, there are solutions that read events out of a data or event stream and process them. Data storage requires a very different focus. Basically, the data has to be maintained within a data structure that is suitable for different data analyses. Modern NoSQL databases are well suited for this. Recent data is more important than old data. It has to be accessible faster, while old data can even be deleted at some point. For final analysis by experts, the data has to be read from the database and processed.

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