This chapter presented two very different scenarios from two completely distinct business areas: a web system with a strong focus on rapid time-to-market, and a system for signal processing that is inherently distributed. The architectural principles are very similar for the two systems, although they originate from different reasons.

In addition, there are a number of common approaches, among those the creation of teams according to microservices and the demands in regards to infrastructure automatization, as well as other organizational topics. However, in other areas, there are also differences. For the signaling system, it is essential to have the option to use different technologies, as this system has to employ a number of different technologies. For the web system, this aspect is not as important. Here, the independent development, the fast and easy deployment, and finally the better time-to-market are the critical factors.

Essential Points

  • • Microservices offer a significant number of advantages.
  • • In the case of web-based applications, continuous delivery and short time-to- market can be important motivations for the use of microservices.
  • • However, there are also very different use cases for which microservices as distributed systems are extremely well suited.

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