Microservices with a UI?

This book recommends that you equip microservices with a UI. The UI should offer the functionality of the microservice to the user. In this way, all changes in regards to one area of functionality can be implemented in one microservice—regardless of whether they concern the UI, the logic, or the database. However, microservice experts so far have different opinions in regards to the question of whether the integration of UI into microservices is really required. Ultimately, microservices should not be too large. And when logic is supposed to be used by multiple frontends, a microservice consisting of pure logic without a UI might be sensible. In addition, it is possible to implement the logic and the UI in two different microservices but to have them implemented by one team. This enables implementation of features without coordination across teams.

Focusing on microservices with a UI puts the main emphasis on the distribution of the domain logic instead of a distribution by technical aspects. Many architects are not familiar with the domain architecture, which is especially important for microservices-based architectures. Therefore, a design where the microservices contain the UI is helpful as a first approach in order to focus the architecture on the domains.

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