Table 6.1 summarizes the differences between SOA and microservices.

At an organizational level the approaches are very different: SOAs place emphasis on the structure of the entire enterprise IT whereas microservices can be utilized in an individual project. SOAs focus on an organization where some teams develop backend services, while a different team implements the UI. In a microservice-based approach one team should implement everything in order to facilitate communication and speed up the implementation of features. That is not a goal of SOA. In SOA a new feature can involve changes to numerous services and therefore requires communication between a large number of teams. Microservices try to avoid this.

Table 6.1 Differences between SOA and Microservices






Architecture for one project


Flexibility by orchestration

Flexibility by fast deployment and rapid, independent development of Microservices


Services are implemented by different organizational units

Services are implemented by different organizational by teams in the same project


Monolithic deployment of several services

Each microservice can be deployed individually


Portal as universal UI for all services

Service contains UI

At a technical level there are similarities: Both concepts are based on services. The service granularity can be similar. Because of these technical similarities, it can be difficult to distinguish between SOA and microservices. However, from conceptual, architectural, and organizational viewpoints both approaches have very different features.

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