Even as I'm preparing to button up the manuscript for The Colder War and send it off to the publisher, events keep adding to the story, and I'm about to summarize the most recent. New events are sure to occur, so go to for the most recent updates.

On July 17, 2014, Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot out of the sky just east of Donetsk in Ukraine and about 50 kilometers from the border with Russia. As a result, 298 people died, apparently because pro-Russian separatists had acquired a Russian SA-11 (Buk) missile and mistook an airliner for a Ukrainian military plane. Russia denies any responsibility and blames Ukraine. Ukraine denies any responsibility and blames Russia.

The European Union and the United States have responded with more sanctions against Russia. But the new measures, like their predecessors, cut with a double-edged blade. The ruble's foreign-exchange value dropped by almost 10 percent—bad news for Russian consumers and for Russian companies that have borrowed in foreign currencies, but a bonanza for Russian exporters of natural gas, oil, and uranium, and anything else produced domestically.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been extending its ungentle control over much of Iraq. President Obama's removal of U.S. soldiers from the country left a power vacuum that ISIS is filling with the use of weapons and other military supplies left over from earlier U.S. involvement. The United States has just begun to respond, alarmed by ISIS's threat to Kurdistan and its oil fields, and to the last U.S. military base in Iraq.

Israel and Hamas have been battling each other in the Gaza Strip. The notable difference from the Gaza strife of 2008 is today's hostility toward Israel in European media and also in global social media like Facebook and even in the United States. Perhaps the world has forgotten, or would rather not consider, that Hamas's goal includes removing Jews, all of them, not just from Palestine but from the whole region.

While all of this adds to the story, it doesn't alter the story line. Every brick the United States throws at a Russian window bounces back. Every U.S. sanction against Russia offers a profit opportunity for a company or country that switches out of the dollar. Every U.S. criticism of Russia demonstrates its inability to do anything but criticize. Every futile U.S. effort to control events in the Middle East demonstrates that a promise of U.S. protection is a thin reason for a government to feel safe—especially if it is the government of Saudi Arabia.

The story isn't finished, but I thank you for reading the part I've set out. For readers of The Colder War, go to /colder war for updates and to subscribe to my free weekly e-letter. I hope you'll visit. You've already paid for the book, so the updates are free.


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