Other Qualities

The migration approaches introduced so far focus on enabling the domain-based division into microservices in order to facilitate the long-term maintenance and continued development of the system. However, microservices have many additional advantages. When migrating it is important to understand which advantage motivates the migration to microservices because, depending on this motivation, an entirely different strategy might be adopted. Microservices also offer, for instance, increased robustness and resilience since the communication with other services is taken care of accordingly (see section 9.5). If the legacy application currently has a deficit in this area or a distributed architecture already exists that has to be optimized with respect to these points, appropriate technology and architecture approaches can be defined without necessarily requiring that the application be divided into microservices.

Try and Experiment

  • • Do research on the remaining Enterprise Integration Patterns:
  • • Can they be meaningfully employed when dealing with microservices? In which context?
  • • Can they really only be implemented with messaging systems?
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